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White's Tree Service Tackles Storm Damage in North Canterbury

Updated: Feb 22

In the wake of a severe storm that swept through North Canterbury, we at White's Tree Service have been at the forefront of the cleanup and restoration efforts, providing much-needed relief to the communities that were affected. A key highlight of our recent operations was our successful collaboration with Hamish Upston of North Canterbury Trees, who played a pivotal role in managing the aftermath of the storm damage.

The storm, which caught the region by surprise, left a swath of destruction, with numerous trees uprooted or severely damaged. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, we quickly mobilized our team to respond to the crisis.

We have long been a trusted name in the region, offering a wide range of tree-related services, including maintenance, removal, and emergency storm damage response. Our commitment to quality and safety has established us as the go-to service provider for both residential and commercial clients.

As our cleanup efforts press on, we want to remind everyone in the Christchurch and Akaroa areas that we are ready to assist with any tree-related issues. Our expertise and resources are at the ready to ensure that the community can recover as quickly and safely as possible from the challenges posed by storm damage.

For assistance or inquiries, we encourage the public to reach out. Together, we stand ready to support the community, reaffirming our commitment to safety, quality, and the resilience of all of Canterbury.


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